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5 Things To Know Before You Get A Puppy

If we could, we’d all fill our homes with as many puppies as possible. Wouldn’t we? There’s almost nothing better in the world than their fuzzy fur, soft noses and lovely little paws. But puppies aren’t all fun and games! We spoke to lots of lovely Snoozer customers with new dogs about all the things they’ve learned about bringing their brand new bundles of fluff home.

1. How Much Exercise You’ll Get

"Having a dog makes us spend more time outside, no matter what the weather!” - Lisa, owner of Pepper

Never mind chasing them around the living rooms, clearing up accidents and running after them the first time they're off the lead, you’re going to be spending a lot more time out of doors from now on! Even the littlest dogs will benefit from at least a walk a day, and so will you. Getting lots more exercise and fresh air (yes, even when it’s raining) will boost both of your spirits.

golden lab puppy

2. How Much Time They Take Up

Our puppies take up lots of time - they have 3 good walks a day. You must have the time, and you shouldn't think of having a dog if you don't have the time!” - Michelle, owner of Monty & Ruby

Deciding whether or not you’ve got time to give a dog the love and attention it deserves is one of the first things you need to figure out when determining if you’re ready for a dog. The amount of time they’ll require from you varies from breed to breed, so make sure you ask your puppy breeder lots of questions about that before you bring your pup home.

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3. How Much Work It’ll Be

The first 4 weeks are a blur of standing in your garden at the dead of night saying 'go pee' to a bemused bundle of sleepy fluff and those puppy teeth hurt!!” - Emma, owner of Woody

Puppies are babies, after all, and we’re not saying they need quite as much work - but they certainly need a lot! Patience will be absolutely paramount with your puppy, especially in those early days.

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4. How Much You'll Love Them

The commitment I feel towards them is amazing. I spend more on their food and take more care of their needs than mine! I even became a dog groomer having been a health professional for over a decade.” - Kym, owner of Annie, Lemmy, Ernie & Deirdre

Even the most reluctant owner in the world will be amazed by the love they’re bound to feel once the puppy’s a member of the family. You’ll be surprised by the fierce devotion you’ll have towards your newest little baby!

puppy in arms

5. How Much They'll Love You

I’ve been surprised by the loyalty, love and devotion they show every second they are with me.” - Lisa, owner of Poppy & Millie

Anyone who grew up with dogs won’t be surprised by this, but for brand new dog owners it can be really surprising how loving dogs can truly be. The love of a dog is a totally pure and unguarded thing, without any hope or expectation. Show them some love and affection and all they’ll want to do is give it back to you tenfold.

puppy and girl

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