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5 Ways To Tell If You're Ready For A Dog

Admittedly we might be a little bit biased over here at Snoozer UK, but we really do believe that a dog is truly one of the best possible additions to your life. And if you’re here, chances are you think so too! But with that said, dogs are a serious commitment – and we all know the old mantra, a dog is for life not just for Christmas. So with that in mind, how can you really know if you’re ready to include a dog in your life…?

Read on to find out...

yorkshire terrier puppy

1.     You’ve considered your finances.

This a big one, and without it there’s really no point considering dog ownership until you have this under your belt. The dog itself may not be particularly expensive (indeed, an adopted dog may not cost you very much at all), but ownership bills will add up. You’ll have to consider vet bills and insurance, the cost of food, and any other financial considerations such as the cost of a dog walker or the kinds of bed that the dog might like. So just make sure you've budgeted correctly before you take the leap.

2.     You have enough room.

Even little dogs will benefit from some outdoor space, and there’s no underestimating how much a dog can really run! So make your home or flat has adequate space for a dog, lest they feel cooped up in a small environment. Having space of your own will benefit you, too, as pooch is likely to get quite under your feet in a smaller home.

sleeping dogs on bed

3.     You have enough time.

If you and whoever you live with is employed full time in a 9-5 job, you might struggle to allocate the proper time and attention to your dog that they deserve – especially if you're not prepared! For an older dog you might be okay, but if you're getting a puppy then do check that someone in the house will be able to take a few weeks off (or working from home) to help them settle in. Just make sure that you'll definitely be able to work time into your day to spend with your dog. 

4.     You can think long term.

Did you know that the oldest ever dog lived to be 30 years old? Admittedly, chances of your dog living to that ripe old age are slim, but even the average dog can live to around 15 years. For that reason adopting a dog is a serious commitment – so before you adopt, think about where you’ll be even in a few years’ time. Can you realistically assure yourself that you’ll still be in a stable and secure situation? If so, perfect, but if not then it may not be fair to adopt a dog at this stage of your life.

husky in the woods

5.     You really, genuinely want one.

Arguably this is the most important factor of them all. The best kind of dog owner is a truly committed and loving dog owner who recognises that adopting a dog is a serious decision, but also – we think – a really, really good one. A dog can bring limitless joy into your life, helping you to be more confident if you’re shy; more active if you’re a bit of a couch-potato, and more outgoing if you’re often cooped up in the house. And, if you’ve been a little lonelier than you’d care to admit lately, then a dog can be the perfect addition to your life.

So, will you be adopting a dog any time? If so, make sure you’re prepared! Tick off every item on this list and then get to the fun part – shopping! We’ve got a great range of dog beds and accessories in our store to ensure your new family member feels right at home – click here to have a browse.

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