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Top 10 Gifts For Dog Lovers

People who love dogs are, of course, the best people on Earth. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to buy for! After all, no two dog owners are alike, and the shops at Christmas are chock-a-block with great gift ideas for everyone whose world revolves around their four-legged friend. So, to make your task that little bit easier, we’ve narrowed it down into the top 10 Christmas gifts that no true dog lover will be able to resist. Just in time for a Santa Paws delivery!

1. Bespoke Pet Illustration: £35

Every true dog lovers dream. A bespoke illustration of their pet will be able to live forever in their home, and it’s an inexpensive but meaningful way of truly illustrating that you care. All you’ll need is a decent quality photo of their pup, and any true dog lover will be more than happy to send one across to you in an instant!

2. Personalised Dog Decoration: £7

A budget option, but no less meaningful, these lovely, Scandi-chic decorations can be engraved with the name of the dog in question and you can personalise the breed. Perfect if somebody has more than one dog!

personalised dog decoration 

3. Dog Pillowcases: £29.75

Do you know somebody who claims to have a no-dogs-in-the-bed rule, but you’re certain that isn’t the case? If so, this is perfect! Because we all know even the littlest dogs take up a ridiculous amount of room.

4. Dog Tail Leash Holder: £15

This is the ideal present because it’s pretty likely your dog-loving pal may not have thought of it already. After all, leads can be hung on regular coat hooks or stuffed into a drawer, so why bother with a dedicated leash holder? Well – not only is it a lovely addition to the home, sending a clear signal that here-be-dog-lovers, but it also helps to not lose those leads!

dog tail leash holder

5. For The Love Of Dog Poem Print: £9.99

Sure to strike a chord with every dog lover, have this ‘For The Love Of Dog’ poem framed for a heartwarming Christmas gift.  Sure, it’s a little bit cheesy, but nothing brings out the fuzziness in all of us quite like dogs.

6. Luxury Cozy Cave: Various Prices

Your dog loving pal’s pup might already have a bed of their own, but even if they do this is a next-level dog bed. Designed for dogs who like the extra security and warmth of being under the covers, the Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave is the ultimate in snug.

dog inside snoozer dog bed

7. Barbour Dog Coat: £50

For all those dapper country dogs! Keep smaller pups warm and stylish this winter with a Tartan coat from Barbour – one that will last throughout many Christmases to come. As long as it doesn’t accidentally become a toy!

8. Zigoo Dog Toy: from £14.99

The best gift you can get for a true dog lover is a very happy dog, and nothing will make a dog happy like this Zigoo Dog Toy! All you have to do is insert an empty water bottle into the toy and the pup will be distracted for hours, as it functions both as a chew toy and a treat dispenser. The perfect way to ensure your dog-owning pal gets a bit of peace & quiet over Christmas!

labrador holding dog toy

9. Personalised Dog Bowl: £10.49

Upgrade your friend’s dog bowl and give that specialised personalised touch. The bowl itself is crafted from high-quality ceramic, so you know it’ll withstand the effort of even the hungriest of dogs, meaning this gift will stay in the home for years to come.

10. Personalised Silver Dog Cufflinks: £85

One for the gentlemen, this would be the perfect gift for any man who gets all secretly sentimental about the dog in his life. Nicola Crawford etches any high-res photo of the dog in question onto high quality silver cufflinks – a subtle and sophisticated way of keeping your dog with you wherever you go.

silver dog cufflinks

So there you have it – the perfect gifts for every dog lover, just in time for Christmas! We’d love to see snaps of how your dog enjoys their Christmas season. Tag us on Instagram @SnoozerUK, and make sure to be following us on Twitter & Facebook for lots of doggy advice. See you there!

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