Snoozer Cozy Caves are perfect for dogs that like to burrow and nestle under covers, providing warmth and comfort throughout the year.

As our dogs age, they often require extra support to rest comfortably. Our Orthopaedic Cozy Caves feature a thick foam base and a soft pillowtop liner.

Orthopaedic Cozy Caves

Orthopaedic Luxury Cozy Caves

Orthopaedic Wag Cozy Caves

Orthopaedic Show Dog Cozy Caves

Let your dog see the open road and travel in style and safety!

A secure car booster seat that lets your small dog see out the window

Lookout I
Solid colours and quilted fabrics

Luxury Lookout I
Soft microsuede fabrics and a removable top cushion

Show Dog Lookout I
Our most premium fabrics and a removable top cushion. Coming soon!

Same as the Lookout I, but includes a hidden storage drawer

Lookout II
Solid colours and quilted fabrics

Luxury Lookout II
Soft microsuede fabrics and a removable top cushion

Show Dog Lookout II
Our most premium fabrics and a removable top cushion. Coming soon!

For dogs who like to sit a little closer

Console Dog Car Seat
Solid colours and quilted fabrics

High Back Console Dog Car Seat
Soft microsuede fabrics and a removable top cushion.

A Good Dog Deserves a Good Staycation

  • 3 min read

Enjoy summer while sticking close to your Cozy Cave

We've all done such a good job this spring: we’ve washed our hands often, worked from home, avoided in-person contact with our human friends (thank goodness for dog snuggles!)

Now it’s summer, and as quarantine relaxes our minds turn to holiday. We’re ready to jump on a plane, sail away, or at least pack the car for a long getaway. But while we would love to indulge our wanderlust, we understand that such travels are still not a great idea. That’s hard on humans.

But you know who loves it? Your dogs!

Rarely will you find your dog disappointed to spend more time with you -- so why not make this your pal’s BEST summer ever?

Here are a few of our tips for orchestrating a memorable canine “staycation”:

1. Get in a Bit of Exercise

Snoozer Dog Bicycle Basket

Admittedly, it’s more exercise for you than for your pup, but we are excited to show off our new Dog Bicycle Basket! Cruise around town with your best bud while he enjoys familiar sites from a brand new vantage point!

2. Hit the Spa

Doggie Day Spa Treatment

Given the constraints of the past few months, it’s likely that EVERYONE in your home could use a trip to the groomer! While we don’t advocate taking clippers into your own hands, there are several healthy, pampering treatments you can offer your dog at home.

Take time during staycation to banish tear stains with a blueberry facial; apply repair balm to cracked paws and noses; and draw a conditioning bath to treat dry, itchy skin. Your refreshed pooch will be ready to return to his normal work-at-home duties looking like a million bucks.

The extra time at home also provides a chance to build new grooming habits: If you've been hesitant to brush your dog's teeth, or if you've given up the fight in the past, now is your opportunity to regularly and persistently implement the practice.

Looking for gentle, effective products? Find a few of our favorites on our Staycation Pinterest board.

3. Construct a Puppy Waterpark

Dog playing with water

Most of us won’t dip our toes into the sea this summer, but with a little creativity your pup can go for a splash in the garden! Keep it simple with a kiddie pool or sprinkler, or check out some of the innovative ideas found on our Staycation Pinterest board! Bonus: Building a waterpark is a great engineering lesson for upper-primary and secondary students. Materials such as pool noodles and PVC pipe are inexpensive and safe for experimentation.

4. Cool Off with a Tropical Treat

Pineapple Pupsicle

After fun in the sun, help your best pal cool off with these simple, good-for-him (and you!) Pineapple Pupsicles -- recipe courtesy of our friends at Belly Full!

Not a kitchen wizard? No matter what, always keep cool, fresh water available to your dog, especially during hot weather.

Find more recipes on our Staycation Pinterest board.

5. End the Day with a Massage

Dog Massage

Massage is the ultimate luxury, even for your dog. And, if your dog is aging or experiences arthritis or sore joints, it’s the best treatment you can give without veterinary intervention. Canine massage goes beyond the belly rub, but can be administered by any loving family member with just a little practice.

Check out this tutorial video to learn how:

How else will you and your best friend be spending staycation?

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