Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 Dog Travel Carrier


The Roll Around Pet Carrier Backpack is an approved airline dog, cat, and pet carrier that makes traveling with your pet easy with this 4-in-1 design. Our carrier seamlessly converts into a backpack, car seat and pet bed, so you can bring your dog or cat just about anywhere.

Available in two sizes and three colours.

* Please check airline restrictions before purchasing

Snoozer Roll Around Pet Dog Carrier Features:

  • Multi-stage telescope handle
  • Mesh on three sides
  • Converts into a dog backpack carrier, dog car seat, and pet bed
  • Great for traveling with Dogs and Cats

Sizing Guide

Dimensions Recommended Pet Weight

51cm tall x 36cm wide x 28cm deep

Up to 6.8kg

58cm tall x 39 cm wide x 31 cm deep

Up to 13.6kg

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