The Snoozer Cozy Cave® is the bed that started it all! Perfect for dogs who like to burrow and nestle under covers, providing warmth and comfort throughout the year.

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Let your dog travel in style in our elevated Lookout® Dog Car Seats, so they can safely see the open road!

Christmas Shopping Guide for Your Dog

Christmas will soon be here, so we’ve compiled some of our best selling products below to help you find the perfect gift for your dog this Christmas! 

1. Snoozer Cozy Cave®

Snoozer Cozy Cave
It’s hard to think of a cozier Christmas than seeing your dog curled up in a Snoozer Cozy Cave®. Warm and inviting, your dog will love you even more for this one!

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2. Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

Snoozer Lookout
For the dog who likes to see the open road! A Snoozer Lookout lets your dog see out the window and keeps them in place with an integrated harness strap.

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3. Snoozer Scalloped Dog Ramp

Snoozer Scalloped Dog Ramp
The unique  design of the Snoozer Scalloped Dog Ramp lets your dog get up and down with ease with just the right amount of support. Perfect for aging dogs.

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4. Snoozer Dog Bicycle Basket

Snoozer Dog Bike Basket
Bring your dog along on your next bike ride with the Snoozer Dog Bicycle Basket. This patented bike basket provides a safe and comfortable place for your dog to enjoy your company while you ride together.

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5. Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 Travel Carrier

Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 Travel Carrier
Our carrier seamlessly converts into a backpack, car seat and pet bed, so you can bring your dog or cat just about anywhere. Airline-approved.

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