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What It's Like To Get A Puppy (by 9-year-old Amelie Hicks)

My name is Amelie. I am almost 10! I have my first ever puppy called Kato. Kato is a Hungarian wire-haired Vizsla who loves to play, snooze and have a bundle of tickles (obviously)! I haven’t had him very long but I already feel like he’s been here for ever. I wanted a puppy ever since I got used to family dogs and spent time with them. In my family, we have loads of cute dogs but Kato brought the cuteness up a notch! Read on and find out how it felt when he arrived…

amelie with puppy

Journey Judging & Garden Games

As soon as Kato arrived after a two hour long journey from Devon, all I wanted to do was play! That’s one of the many wonderful things about Kato. He likes playing. First he explored the garden. As anybody with a dog may know, there are lots of interesting smells in the garden, so it’s good to let a new puppy take in all the strange scents. It was quite funny when Kato tried to dig up the lavender plant! I can’t blame him. It does smell nice.

No more iPad illness!

After he’d rummaged around the house, I played with him for a while. Usually, I would be playing on an I-pad, silently writing stories in my room or begging my parents for snacks. But it felt a lot nicer (and a lot less boring) to play with my very own puppy!

Sleeping Sausage 

If you have a good memory, you should remember me mentioning at the beginning that Kato loves snoozing. Well, that is mainly what he did for the rest of the day. Vizslas sleep in the strangest positions. On their backs with their feet in the air, on their sides with an arm on their ear. Kato’s favourite position is, legs on his extremely comfy bed. Long story short, the rest of his body on the hard wooden floor! I know right! Kato also quite likes being picked up and rocked like a baby! He’s so unpredictable!

Poo-Poo Presents!

Most people hate doing this but I like it. You guessed it… Cleaning the doo-doo! That is a big change! I’ve never had to do it that often but since I got Kato there have been a few moments I would like to forget… There have been quite a lot of widdle (by that I mean wee) accidents inside the house. One on the carpet, one by the cables and most annoyingly, right in front of the garden but not in the garden!

Vicious Vets?

When we went to the vets to get his vaccinations done, Kato had to be put in a bike bag because we weren’t allowed to walk himL. At least not for a while. The vets seemed to like him. In case you’re wondering, a vaccination is an injection which stops the dog from getting diseases from other dogs. That’s why he isn’t allowed to walk outside. He needed two more injections before he could walk.

The vet opened a freezer-like thing which held loads of samples. I have no idea what was in them! It’s normal for dogs (especially puppies) to get nervous when they don’t know what’s going on. Kato was fine at first but then the injection started to kick in and he yapped a bit.


On the way back from the vets, Kato sat in his ‘tent cage’ as I like to call it. Because he didn’t like being in there, I decided to leave a small gap at the top (with the zip) so I could throw treats in. Unfortunately, my plan didn’t go very well… You see, Kato stuck his head through the gap and the zips slowly started to un-zip. Kato was now half out of the ‘tent cage’ and we were still driving! Being me, I panicked!!! Suddenly, the ‘tent cage’ leaned onto the back seats and Kato jumped out! I had to hold onto him for the rest of the journey.

Mischievous Mutt & Funny Friend!

Kato also likes to get up to mischief. Once he stole a tea towel that was hanging over the oven and took it back to his bed. Then we had to get him out as he’d got lost under it! Now, I know he’s only a puppy, but seriously, leaving a little present in the living room is not on. And he did that twice! But no matter how many times he gets on my nerves, I will always love himJ. One of the funniest times was when he ran to go outside but instead crashed into the glass door. I don’t think he knew that the door was closed!

 Untidy Party & Sofa Squabble!

Kato is lovely but he does leave a trail of destruction where ever he goes. My living room is full of dog toys, parts of rabbit ears and mouldy blankets. He drags all the stuff from his bed and makes a nest on the carpet. Also, Kato can only just get on the sofa which means he is constantly taking over my favourite spot*!

Stone Stealer & Walkies!

In my garden there are stones along the outside. This can cause trouble ‘coz Kato keeps trying to eat them. Two reasons why this is bad:

  1. If he swallows one he may need an operation
  2. Some of the stones are cool and I collect the best ones!

Seeing as Kato is only about 10 weeks old, he hasn’t been on any walks so me, my dad and my little sister Lowenna took him for a ‘walk’. The reason why I’ve put ‘walk’ in apostrophes is because he didn’t really walk. My dad (Derek) carried him because he was too heavy for me (even with my biceps) and Lowenna. He was shaking like a leaf! We only got as far as, well, down the road.

*Don’t let your dog do that, they need to know that they’re at the bottom of the pack so STAY PUT!!!  (obviously don’t ‘STAY PUT’ but don’t let the dog boss you about!)

Go get a dog!

Have I convinced you to get a dog? I hope so ‘coz they’re beautiful creatures and every last one of them deserves to have a loving home!

This is my attempt to convince you the moment you finish reading this! Here are 5 reasons why you should get a fury friend:

  1. They are the perfect companion due to their cuteness, loyalty and love!
  2. All your friends, family and neighbours will be begging to come and see it/them.
  3. They help you keep fit by going on walks and making you get up and down for their needs.
  4. Reason 3 leads onto this one. They don’t need much. Food, water, a bed, toys and LOVE


To help you dog lovers, here are some tips on how to train them and how to make life easier. (Yes, another list!)

  • Don’t let your dog sleep in your bed especially if you have kids. If you let them they automatically think that they’re at the top of the pack and start to be aggressive.

  • Get your dog used to people coming in and out of doors. This is helpful because it means that it won’t jump up and nip strangers when they come in. It will obviously jump up a bit but it will grow out of nipping.

  • If, like me, you have things that your dog might swallow then don’t try and use your hands to get it out.The reason why you shouldn’t is because a dogs’ instinct is to chase. If you lunge in and try and take the object off him/her the dog then works out that you try and take things off him/her so it’ll run away every time. Something to help with that is to distract your dog with something else so it drops the object!

  • I learnt this off a dog trainer. You might feel a bit self-conscious about this. If you have warned your dog 2-3 times not to do something or he/she is not listening to you make a low Baaaa. I recommend not to let children do it as I’m not aloud but I still get to laugh at my parents when they do it!

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