The Top 10 Dog Videos Of All Time, Ever

The Top 10 Dog Videos Of All Time, Ever

The internet is a magical place – especially for dog lovers. You don’t have to look far to find hilarious, uplifting, heartwarming and occasionally tear-inducing dog videos – but with so many of them out there, where do you start? And what if you’ve missed one? What if there’s a soldier-coming-home-to-his-dog video you haven’t cried at yet?!

No problem. We’ve got you covered, so if you’re looking to while away your lunch hour, have a giggle at something uplifting or just remind yourself why dogs are the greatest animals on Earth, just keep reading…

1. The Stairs Are Lava

Who knew a pup going up stairs could be so entertaining? 7 seconds of pure joy. Pressing ‘replay’ at least 12 times is obligatory.

2. Dog Plays Dead

Okay – we’re just going to need to dedicate the next 2 weeks to teaching our dogs how to do this. Work will understand, right?

3. Run Walter, Run!

Is it the waggling ears? The glorious sunshine? Or is it the satisfying splash into the water at the end? Whatever it is, there’s something incredibly uplifting about this 30-second Go Pro video of Walter the golden Labrador heading straight for the sea.

4. Fenton

Truly a modern classic – if you haven’t seen the famed ‘Fenton’ video yet, where have you been? Even if you have, watch it again anyway. We promise you’ll find it impossible not to laugh.

5. Jolene's Favourite Toy

Jolene’s owner dressed up as a lifesize version of her favourite toy, and her reaction is priceless. Now, how do we dress up as a mangy old tennis ball?

6. Maple Bacon?

Another classic that just never gets old, this cleverly dubbed video illustrates exactly what your dog would say if only they could speak.

7. Owner Comes Home

Tissues at the ready! Gracie’s reaction to her soldier owner coming home will have you doing a lot of very rapid blinking at your desk.

8. Sweet Dreams, Dog

Ahh, dogs. Graceful, elegant, dignified… Well – not quite!

9. Rocky Learns To Leap

Little Rocky takes a while to get going, but when he does… Boy can that little man leap!

10. Buzu's Story

Buzu was found living in a cardboard box on the streets. What happens after that will melt your heart, and remind you – as if you needed reminding – why we’re so lucky to have dogs in our lives.


Did we miss any? Let us know on Twitter & Facebook – there’s no such thing as too many dog videos!

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