The Snoozer Cozy Cave® is the bed that started it all! Perfect for dogs who like to burrow and nestle under covers, providing warmth and comfort throughout the year.

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Let your dog travel in style in our elevated Lookout® Dog Car Seats, so they can safely see the open road!

Your Complete & Comprehensive Guide To Getting A Puppy

We’ll take you through everything stage of the puppy ownership journey, from start to finish.


You’ll find in-depth advice and information on:

  • Deciding If You’re Ready
  • Choosing The Right Breed
  • Where To Find The Perfect Puppy
  • What To Ask When Puppy Shopping
  • What To Buy Before They Come Home
  • What To Expect From The First Month
  • What To Expect From The First Year

We’ve filled this guide with lots of advice from people like you, our lovely Snoozer customers. Their real life accounts of caring for a puppy will help you to begin your own journey.

(Psst, even if you aren’t looking for a puppy right now we won’t blame you for downloading it anyway - you’ll love all the adorable puppy pictures!)
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