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25 Ways A Dog Can Change Your Life

It probably won't surprise you to learn that, at Snoozer, we love dogs. We think getting a dog is one of the best decisions you'll ever make and, frankly, we can't understand why you haven't done it already! But it's true that getting a dog isn't an easy decision, and there are lots of factors to consider. We've broken it down for you in our list of the 25 ways a dog can (and will) change your life...

1. You’ll get out & about more, exploring new areas around where you live
2. You’ll learn responsibility, as you'll become your dog's sole provider 
3. You'll learn to schedule time as you plan walks into your day
4. You'll understand why people refer to their pets as their babies
5. You'll come up with the strangest nickname for your dog
6. You'll start speaking to your dog as if they can talk back
7. You'll begin arguing that dogs CAN understand people
8. You'll suddenly dislike "cat people"
9. You'll spend more money, probably (but you won't really mind)
10. You'll stop taking things so seriously
11. You'll get used to spending time without other people around
12. You'll know you made a decision to do something you always wanted
13. You'll laugh every single day 
14. You'll know you made a decision to do something you always wanted
15. You'll stop wearing black because there'll be dog hairs on everything 
16. You'll be happier at home with your dog than out in the pub
17. You'll lose all sense of boundaries or personal space
18. You'll have a lot more cuddle time 
19. You'll make more friends at puppy-training classes or in the park 
20. You'll possibly start an Instagram account just for your dog
21. You'll feel immediately fond of people with the same dog breed as you
22. You'll start looking at different holidays you could go on with your dog
23. You'll get frustrated at them for making a mess
24. You'll forgive them for everything because they love you so much
25. You'll start wondering how soon you can get another dog...
Are you getting a puppy soon? Starting to think about it? Just about to take your first dog home? Wherever you're at in your dog owning journey, you need our FREE puppy guide. We'll take you through every stage of puppy ownership and our guide is full of all sorts of tips, tricks and information to make everything as easy as possible for you and your pup. Just click below!

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