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Welcome To The Sausage Dog Hotel!

Sausage Dog Hotel’. Even the name sounds delightful, doesn’t it? And it’s precisely as wonderful as it sounds! Established in 2012 in the heart of the Hertfordshire countryside, the Sausage Dog Hotel is a boarding house with a difference.

As the name suggests, this particular boarding house is exclusively dachshund friendly, welcoming up to 14 sausage dogs at one time. Sounds like the dream, doesn’t it? We spoke to the lovely owner, Phil, about his business and, surprise surprise, he might just be the happiest boarding house owner in the world!

Now, the Sausage Dog Hotel wasn’talwaysthe Sausage Dog Hotel. Phil originally set up as a boarding house for all types of dogs but, as a dachshund owner himself, always had a particular soft spot for sausage dogs and was an active member of numerous online dachshund communities. Through these forums and groups, he found that the majority of dachshund owners were unwilling to house their precious pups in a regular boarding house, since sausage dogs are famously much happier around dogs their own size.

The solution was simple: a boarding house just for dachshunds! Phil gave this idea a two week trial and found, to his surprise, that he hadeven more bookingsthan when it was an all-dogs-welcome place. Case closed!

Word spread quickly through social media, where the Sausage Dog Hotel continues to have a huge following (make sure to check out their Facebook here). In no time at all Phil had established a strong base of regulars who love returning, time and time again, to the Sausage Dog Hotel, and they never struggle to be full.

Why sausage dogs?

Now, as you know, here at Snoozer Pet Products UK, we love all dogs - so we couldn’t help but wonder, why sausage dogs in particular?

For Phil, it all comes down to their wonderful nature. As any sausage dog owner will tell you, what these special dogs lack in stature they more than make up for in personality. Phil and his wife had been travelling for 15 years before they settled down but had always had a soft spot for dachshunds - so adopted two of their own as soon as they could. These days, their beloved Stanley and Ollie are never short of companions!

Sausage dogs are famous for getting on well with other members of their breed, so squabbles are rare at the Sausage Dog Hotel. Each day all guests are taken on at least one walk, altogether, where they’re free to play and roam to their little hearts content. The rest of the time they’re free to frolic in the gardens (or even the paddling pool during summer) under Phil’s watchful eye, before all curling up together to fall asleep after a long day’s playing. They’re never left alone, either, with Phil or a trusted volunteer in their company 24/7. Which is just how sausage dogs like it!

You’re probably thinking by now that Phil has the best job in the world, and we’re certainly inclined to agree! And although it’s hard work, Phil would agree too. For him, the best thing about his job is that, when they’re out on walks, nobody is ever unhappy to see them. There’s nothing like a big group of dachshunds to put a smile on your face!

The best indication of how much these dogs enjoy their stays at the Sausage Dog Hotel is that so many of them return time and time again. If you’d like your own dachshund to join the happy crowd at the Sausage Dog Hotel,you can find all the contact details on their website. Just make sure you book in advance, and don’t be surprised if your dog never wants to leave!

We donated a few of our Cozy Caves to the lovely Sausage Dog Hotel team, and it's no surprise that the dachshunds absolutely love them. We hear from many dachshund owners that their dogs love these beds, as they’re able to snuggle down beneath the Cozy hood - exactly what a small dog bed needs.

If you think your dachshund (or any other type of dog!) would love a Cozy Cave of their own, we offer a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors -- all with free next-day delivery in the UK!

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