The Snoozer Cozy Cave® is the bed that started it all! Perfect for dogs who like to burrow and nestle under covers, providing warmth and comfort throughout the year.

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Best Dog Beds for Whippets

If you have a whippet, you already know how much they love to burrow under the warmth of covers. In fact, your whippet may have taken over your own bed!

If you're hoping to reclaim your bed and give your dog a warm and cosy place of their own, a Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Bed might be the ideal bed for them!

With a warm and enveloping built-in cover, Snoozer Cozy Caves are hugely popular for whippets -- and their owners!

Whippets love to burrow into their Cozy Caves and you might not see them for a while. But, you'll always know where to find them!

Made from high quality materials and Made in the USA, every Snoozer Cozy Cave is backed by a one-year warranty.

With all that time your whippet will be spending in their Cozy Cave, we made sure to design machine washable covers. The removable cover can be removed and washed to keep your whippet's Cozy Cave clean and fresh.

Also available with orthopaedic foam bases, Cozy Caves are perfect for older dogs who need a little extra support and relief from pressure points.

Don't just take our word for it though -- read through the hundreds of 5-star reviews from other whippet owners!

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